My Twitter Account is under Subpoena by the US Government

…Along with 637,000 other accounts that subscribe to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is who I am following, but if you follow Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Rop Gongrijp or Brigitta Jonsdottir among a few others you are a part of the same subpoena. Among the information being sought is our IP addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, banking information, credit card information, etc.

This all really began with the subpoena of Jonsdottir’s Twitter account. Jonsdottir is an Icelandic parliamentarian who was involved with the WikiLeaks video release of the US Apache helicopter shooting in Iraq, where two Reuters reporters were killed, and children wounded.

To quote Brigitta Jonsdottir herself: "I think I am being given a message, almost like someone breathing in a phone." I love that.

Oh what can I even say about this? Apparently it’s too late to object if I haven’t already. I’m not even sure if it would matter anyway as I am not a US citizen. It makes me want to laugh hysterically and go on a rant suitable for a raving lunatic all at the same time.

The only civil reaction I can think of is to point out the obvious: These are the tendencies of a paranoid and delusional person. Except that we’re speaking of a governing body.

I really thought that all the wiretapping and cellphone listening would be a thing of the past once Bush was gone, but the scale has only increased to an international level.

If this was a schoolyard, I’d say that a multi-student brawl was about to be called at the sounding of the end-of-class bell.

I don’t think I need to explain the analogy.


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